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WordPress Hacked

2012 June 25
Posted by CreateDevelop

WordPress Hacked?

Had your wordpress website hacked? We have been helping a lot of businesses overcome this problem, so we thought we would set out the steps we take to remove malware warnings and viruses.

  1. The hacker has a malicious intent, so whatever they are doing it will leave traces and links to files or websites. The hacked will also try to cover their tracks, and in the end sometimes the only thing you can do is set fire to your server.
  2. The hacker will have created, or forced, a way into your system that will be different to the traces they leave. You have to address this problem before your virus/malware problem will really go away. This can sometimes mean your host is infected or it might just mean your password is insecure.

Start Again

Follow the following steps to remove the malware warning.

  1. Make sure you have a backup of everything. Save a copy of your wp-config.php file somewhere obvious.
  2. Download a fresh copy of WordPress from
  3. Delete EVERY file in your www/web main directory.
  4. Unzip and FTP WordPress to your website/blog. Do not try to upgrade or reinstall from the admin section of wordpress, this method is incomplete.
  5. Download a fresh copy of your theme, and FTP that into your themes folder. If you have modified your theme in any significant way, this will not work. The only way to make sure you have got the problem licked is to install a fresh copy of your theme, or go through your theme line by line to make sure there is nothing that is causing the issue.
  6. Add your wp-config.php file back into the root of your directory.
  7. You should be able to log back in to your wp-admin section.
  8. Change your password
  9. Install WordPress Firewall 2
  10. Install WordPress exploit scanner and run. This will tell you if there is a problem with your database.
  11. Use Sucuri’s scanner to see if you are virus free. If you had removed all your files, and carried out a clean install, you should be virus free.
  12. Notify Google you are clean using the Google Webmaster tools.

How Long Does it Take for the Warning to Go Away?

From us sending in the request to the Malware warning being removed took less than 8 hours. In all we lost almost a full day of traffic from Google, which is about 50% of the total. Only two clients noticed the problem, but we had to send out a warning to most of them, letting them know of the compromise, so in the end they all found out. We have learned a lot about what is considered secure on the web (nothing) and what is vulnerable (almost everything).

Google Adwords Costs Decline

2012 June 25
Posted by CreateDevelop

Every few months we look at the relative average cost of adwords for a range of over 100 keyword groups in the three major markets of the UK, the US and Australia. This month’s statistics can be found here. This month we updated our keywords to reflect broader changes in the market, which is why the graph above only shows the last two quarters. When we started this analysis, keywords like 3g mobile phone were commonly searched, and that was reflected in our data. Now that keyword has very few searches each month, so we had to updated the data.

Generally, the CPC for each keyword is calculated as a function of advertiser’s bid, quality score and competition.

You can see from the graph above that over the last three months, the average CPC has remained the same. We have covered these changes several times in the past . The cost of advertising relative to competition, however, has fallen slightly. 

This means that there has been an increase in competition across the three markets that is proportionally greater than the change in the cost of advertising. There are a few explanations for this;

  1. Advertisers have increased their quality score, or Google has changed the calculation
  2. Advertisers are willing to bid a lot less for each keyword
  3. Google has another, unspoken, component of the calculation, possibly called “Google’s Profit Target”

Obviously there are possible flaws in our data, and our assumptions, but the general idea should remain solid.

Xero receives highest award at CeBIT Australia

2012 June 25
Posted by CreateDevelop

Last night at the CeBIT Conference in Sydney, Xero Cloud Accounting won both the Top Business Solution award as well as the ICT Excellence Award, which is the highest accolade in the Australian tech industry. We were amongst an impressive field of finalists and so we are delighted and humbled to win these coveted awards.
The ICT Excellence Award recognises excellence in the provision of a product or solution to customers and also one that can demonstrate a proven track record of success. Accepting the IT Excellence award from Senator the Hon Kate Lundy. Photo courtesy of CeBIT Australia.

These two awards are testament to the very real and growing demand for an alternative to spreadsheets and cumbersome, traditional, accounting desktop packages in Australia.

We were joined on the evening by a number of our top accounting partners who represented just a small sample of a growing base of loyal and passionate advisors out there promoting Xero to their customers. We owe a lot of our success to this group so I want to thank each and every one of our partners who have supported us and helped us to achieve this wonderful recognition.

We also have our Add-on Partners to thank for building an ecosystem of cloud solutions that offer huge value and choice to small business customers by integrating with Xero Cloud Accounting. This was one of the factors that Gilad Greenbaum, Chief Technologist and CeBIT 2012 Curator, attributed to our successful nomination when he spoke later in the evening: “Xero’s contribution to the development of the cloud industry in the SME market has been significant. Over and above the great software that they have built themselves, I am also very impressed with the growing community of cloud ISVs that they are actively promoting within this sector. They are taking a leadership position by supporting many other innovative cloud start-ups and helping them to share in their success.”

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc

2012 June 19
Posted by CreateDevelop


Fruit for this wine was sourced from vineyards across the Marlborough region. A blend of fruit grown in the Wairau and Awatere Valleys spanning a range of different meso-climates were incorporated. Careful attention was paid to vine health to give the vine the best chance to optimise the season and develop strong, clean flavours.


The superb vintage and beautifully balanced vineyards produced grapes which were harvested at varying levels of ripeness over a five week period, providing for an array of flavours and blending options. The fruit was crushed, pressed and settled for 24 hours before being racked clean off press solids for fermentation. Both neutral and aromatic yeast strains were used. Fermentation was conducted cool at 12-14ºC to ensure maximum retention of delicate flavours and aromatics. Soon after fermentation was completed the wine was bottled to capture its vibrancy and freshness.


This vibrant Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with a fruit-salad-bowl of flavours including ripe gooseberry, passionfruit, fresh citrus lime and exotic herbaceous aromas. The wine has an exciting palate with layers of juicy flavours, intensity and fullness, finishing with a refreshing crisp, clean and racy acidity. Enjoy this exuberant and delightful wine.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

2012 June 19
Posted by CreateDevelop

The philosophy of Oyster Bay is to produce fine, distinctly regional wines that are elegant
and assertive with glorious fruit flavours. It all starts in the vineyard. We treat each vineyard
block and parcel of wine individually. The fruit is crushed, gently pressed and the juice
is cold settled. A long, slow temperature controlled fermentation and immediate bottling
after winemaking, retains all the wonderful fruit flavours and aromas that are present.
Pale straw green in colour with brilliant clarity, Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
is zesty and aromatic with lots of lively fruit characters. A concentration of assertive passionfruit
and tropical fruit flavours with an abundant bouquet, it is a wine that is always crisp, elegant
and refreshing.
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2011
“Enticing aromatic tropical and zesty lime flavours, with a vibrant and refreshing finish.” Michael Ivicevich,

Marlborough had a characteristically cool start to the season.Temperatures during the spring bud burst period were coolerthan average. Towards the end of November, as the first signsof flowering appeared, conditions began to warm. These idealgrowing conditions continued throughout the summer monthspromoting excellent fruit set and encouraging the early onsetof veraison. Marlborough enjoyed higher than average rainfallthroughout the growing season, resulting in good soil moistureand plant-available nutrient levels.

This coupled with good canopymanagement practices stimulated the growth of healthy andproductive vine canopies. With clear weather over the harvestperiod, the fruit was progressively picked at optimal physiologicalripeness. All together, it was an exceptional growing season for Marlborough, resulting in intense fruit flavours and concentrationof varietal characters.

Soil Type

Prime central Wairau, Renwick and Brancott soils. Shallow sandyloams over deep layers of free draining river gravels, providingmoderate fertility and low vigour.Clonal / Rootstock SelectionAn emphasis on Bordeaux clones for pure, instantly recognisablevarietal intensity and flavour. Medium-to-low vigour rootstockselection matched for suitability to clone and soil vigour.Winemaking TechniquesThroughout harvest, fruit was selected from progressively laterripening vineyard blocks, commencing with the stonier free-drainingsites. Upon receipt to the winery, the grapes were destemmed andtransferred to the tank presses where the free-run juice was separatedand the remaining fruit lightly pressed. The juice was then cold settledto a clear state, racked into stainless steel fermentation tanks and theninoculated with a select range of yeasts for added complexity andaromaticity. A slow, temperature controlled fermentation at 12-14 °C(54-59 °F) was undertaken for approximately 21 days. After a shortperiod of yeast lees contact, the wine was racked for final blendingand bottled young to ensure that the fresh, crisp and elegantvarietal characters were retained.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is the undisputed market leader due to its quality and consistency vintage after vintage. Oyster Bay Sauv Blanc has excellent balance and varietal intensity. The tropical fruit flavours work in harmony with the distinctive gooseberry characters. One of Marlborough’s best Sauv Blanc’s!

Difference between PET and PP Containers

2012 June 18
Posted by CreateDevelop

If you are confused by all of the abbreviations that can be found on the bottom of takeaway containers & plastic cups, you are not alone. All consumers might like to learn the differences, but this is certainly the case if you are considering starting a business that will be using these types of plastic containers, especially takeaway containers for foods or drinks. Two of the most popular types of plastic used in these containers today are PET or Polyethylene terethalate and PP or Polypropylene. Although both types of plastic are recyclable and used often in the food industry, there are some important differences that you might want to consider.takeaway containers

If you are looking for clarity in the plastic you choose to use, then PET is the better choice over PP plastic containers. That’s why many people who run food service businesses prefer the translucence of PET over the hazier PP plastic for their drink cups.

Another difference to consider in the plastic you choose for takeaway containers & plastic cups is the  heat and cold resistance and fill temperatures between the two plastics. The fill temperature (the temperature of the food or drink that it is capable of holding) is a little higher in PP containers than in the PET containers. The fill temperature for PET containers is up to 71 degrees Celsius, while the fill temperature for PP containers is up to 80 degrees Celsius. The heat resistance (outside heat) is better in PP containers, while the cold resistance (outside cold) is better in PET containers than in PP containers.

PET plastic containers & disposable cups are slightly better than PP containers when it comes to impact resistance. This may or may not be important to you in your business, but it does demonstrate a higher degree of durability and is more crack resistant.

Since PET containers provide a better oxygen barrier than PP containers, they can preserve the taste and the aroma of food placed in them, but PP containers provide a better barrier to moisture as well as alcohol or chemicals. Both PET and PP containers work well to resist acids or grease and oils.plastic containers

With so many great qualities to be found in both PET and PP plastic containers, it might be difficult to choose which type to use as takeaway containers or plastic cups for your food service business. Hopefully, by learning the differences between the two types of plastic containers it will help you to make an informed decision.

Freeze Coffee Best For Flavour

2012 June 18
Posted by CreateDevelop

Storing coffee in the freezer is the best way to keep it fresh, a study by F. Gavina & Sons Inc. in the United States, has found. The study examined a variety of coffee samples at three different storage environments over a period of 12 weeks. The results found that the best cup of coffee is achieved if the grains are stored in the freezer in an airtight container for up to six weeks.

The study also found that, on average, a 12 oz bag of open-ground coffee stays fresh for four weeks, depending on variables such as humidity, light and air. To test the theory, open coffee bags were stored in a freezer at zero degrees Celsius, a refrigerator at 2 degrees Celsius and a counter at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

One sample from each storage environment was humidity tested every two weeks, then analysed for colour consistency every four weeks. The coffees were cupped and blind tested throughout the entire period of 12 weeks.

The study found that despite being low, the temperature varies too much in a refrigerator, and moisture from the air can erode the aroma and flavour. Over time exposure to air and warmer temperatures can cause the essential oils to evaporate which is what causes a loss of flavour. Freezing the coffee in an air tight container gives it the best chance to stay fresh and maintain aroma and flavour.

The other main finding of the study was that consumers should buy coffee in small quantities. Ideally, the coffee should be consumed within 10 days.

Check the coffee bag before you buy to make sure the one-way valve is sealed. If the valve is sealed properly, oxygen cannot get into the bag, keeping the coffee fresher. Keep unopened bags in the freezer. Once removed from the freezer, place the remaining coffee immediately in an airtight container to avoid moisture, and store back in the freezer.

Danes Barista Championships

2012 May 29
Posted by CreateDevelop

The yearly Australian Grand Barista Challenge

In 2011 the Australasian winner was Sasa Sestic, a roaster/barista from Ona Coffee House in ACT. He joins the ranks of the best baristas in the world. Sasa felt a lot of pressure travelling to Thailand as the Australian representative of DGBC and wanted to make sure the title remained in Australia.

Grand Barista Championships

“I trained 3-4 hours a day for 3 days a week and also spent time with the Danes team in Australia perfecting my shots. It was a great opportunity to travel to another country and see the comparison in techniques. I am excited about bringing the title back to Australia with me” Sasa explained.

Entry is FREE to the public and doors open at 10am.A Latte Art competition, Taste Test Challenge and Danes Home Barista Competition supported by Giotto, will make for an exciting day of all things coffee.

Top Marketing Posts

2012 March 27
Posted by CreateDevelop

Here are our top 5 most visited posts for the last month or so, in case you missed them.

cufon vs @fontface

You don’t have to make your best looking fonts into an image, and you don’t have to use flash any more to make fonts look great.

50,000 likes in 24 hours – Who are the top Facebook gainers?

In 24 hours the Pillsbury Facebook page went from 30,000 likes to 80,000 likes. All sparked by a coupon for money off their frosting range. Target is experiencing an amazing growth in fans by offering 25 x $25 vouchers, resulting in over 500,000 fans this week.


Both JPG and PNG are methods that describe how a program encodes an image file. Basically a JPG describes an image in blocks, and the greater the file size allowed, the smaller those blocks are. A PNG looks at each individual pixel and says there are 6 reds then 4 blues in a line etc.

iPhone Market Penetration

Some random stats on iPhone market penetration.

Australian Google Places Citations

Google Places is the new primary goal for SEO experts. There are a lot of things you can do to increase your chances of being listed high, such as making sure you claim your listing in the first place. However there is one thing that will make all the difference, and that is making sure you have your address and telephone number listed in as many places as possible.

Great Baby Products

2012 February 16
Posted by CreateDevelop

Great Baby Products

Great baby products are sometimes hard to find. There are a lot of baby products out there, but how do you know which ones are worth getting or buying. Here we have a collection of baby products that are great, well build and best of all affordable. We have covered the Brother Max 3 in 1 Thermometer, that has infrared reading, so you can take the temperature of your baby and the room. We have also covered the Meeno Baby Stroller Liners which are great for keeping your baby cool and fresh.

3 in 1 Digital Thermometer

3 in 1 ThermometerThis award-winning digital infrared thermometer measures ear, forehead and room temperature, in just 1 second. Its One-Touch design makes it incredibly easy to use yet it is highly accurate to an incredible 0.1º. It provides ultimate flexibility for the whole family, where some may prefer a reading taken from ear over forehead or vice versa, and measures room temperature far more accurately than baby monitors, which is an important part of reducing cot death.

Like all Brother Max products, this unique thermometer has been inspired by family, specifically designed to:

Give you additional peace of mind, through market-leading accuracy.
Make life easier by being specifically designed to work without probe covers, yet remain ultra hygienic.
Save you time, by taking temperature in just 1 second.
Save you money, by combining 3 functions.

Unlike many thermometers, it is 100% mercury-free and is certified as a baby product and a medical device. It is also free of all other chemical nasties including BpA, Phthalates and PVC.

Winner of last year’s Mother & Baby Gold Award for Most Innovative Product, the Oscar’s of the baby products industry!

Mighty Stroller Hook

Mighty Stroller HookAn ideal stroller hook for a nappy bag, purse or anything you want to hang from a stroller. Features a strong and lightweight aluminum hook that won’t break. No clip makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand. Deep U shape can accommodate extra wide purse/bag handles. Easy to attach with velcro strap, will not fall off. Rubbery strap grips on any bar and will not slide around. Short hook holds bags close to stroller

Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless Steel Drink BottleFrom 6 months with a “Non Spill” spout. 100% BPA, Phthalates FREE. This trendy looking, single walled tumbler will last and last. Available in Pink or Blue
250ml Stainless Steel Twin Handled Beaker
Easy Flow Spout with protective cap
Dishwasher Safe
BPA Free
Suitable for 4 months plus
Q. Why is stainless steel 100% safe?
A. Stainless steel is inert and does not corrode or rust in any way as it is completely resistant to liquids and air. Therefore, nothing can leach from the beaker into the liquid contents, no matter how long the liquid is there. Stainless steel also has strong microbiological benefits, which prevent bacteria developing in liquids such as milk.Q. Why is stainless steel earth-friendly?
A. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and very durable – with a useful life, many times that of a plastic drinkware item.

Stroller Liner

The Stroller Liner designed to accomodate a variety of strollers. Ideal for toddlers 1-4 years. Reinforced seams and additional cushion to babies’ seat. ALL SEASON, COOLING AND COMFY Made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring keeping baby cool and comfortable. CARE INSTRUCTIONS For best results, machine wash with warm water on gentle cycle. Wash separately or with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach when necessary. Line or hang dry only. Do Not Tumble Dry. MATERIAL COMPOSITION Shell / Insulation / Edging – 100% Polyester