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What is SEO?

2011 July 11
Posted by CreateDevelop

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a set of methods and activities that improve the position of pages in search engine results, such as those generated by Google.

The primary goal of SEO is to rank better in search engines for specific keywords. The prime directive of SEO is “Build Interesting Content” Much of the SEO process for creating content for the client. First, most search engines look for content to be unique, because we know that a page is not a copy or an overlay from other internal pages. Second, unique content is a good indicator of the value and importance of a page.


Most search engines understand that websites have a menu, and recently a blog, which is structured in such a way for users to navigate through a website. The frequency of connections on a page used to show how important this page on a site (a menu appears on every page, are the same pages that are linked to these pages should be the key pages of the services). All search engines use some form of a web crawler that follows links around the internet to trace a map of the pages. In most cases, each link from another site will result in a page being mapped by the search engine.

Link Juice is a colloquial term for the amount of the value of a link is in the eyes of a search engine. The more links on a page, the lower the value of each. Google assigns single value for the first 100 links on a page.

The problem SEO: What is worth doing?

Local directories like the Yellow Pages is useful for companies trying to gain attention, but also for search engines looking to analyze local search results. Therefore there are some directories in each industry ranked well on search terms, to pass the data on Google’s local search results and spend a reasonable amount of juice link.

The last 5 years, social networking has become so large as the actual web. Sites like Facebook as getting regular traffic worldwide, as the same as Google. Taking the content that you create and submit their friends on Facebook, Digg and Reddit can be a good way to spread information about your business.

Link exchange may be one of the best ways to make connections when a site is first set up. There are some good directories like that allow you to find a partner link in your field. However, there are good and bad methods for link exchange.

Nobody can guarantee number one on Google.

Google changes their algorithm all the time. It can be number one for a few days, only to find yourself back on page 2 of the next. Nobody can say that you will get to number one.You should receive a detailed analysis and reports. Not only should a SEO company have clear objectives and give you goals and strategies should also give you reports about what has happened every month. SEO should not be secretive, and should not be a mystery. You advisors should be able to tell you what they do. SEO is not about good links web marketing is not just links. This is a series of things like creating content, the structure of the web and giving customers the information they need. Anyone that promises simple links or a list of sites to get links from, it is likely that the sender and will only create a place for you shortly. Good SEO is also a very creative in promoting a website. Links and Articles Forum is an easy way to earn low quality links.

What about sponsoring a football club, or holding a contest?
So if you find a SEO or marketing company websites that want to work with, what kind of things you should ask?
What are your current customers? – This should be can be verified by visiting the websites and using Google to check their position on search engines.
What methods will be used to promote my website?
What place you expect to achieve and in what timeframe?
Can you give examples from your experience? What can I expect from you every month? Can you show me how to monitor results ?
What keywords do you think I should target and why? What changes we proposed in our website?

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