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Some Great blog posts

2010 September 15
Posted by CreateDevelop

As we recently wrote on our top blog posts, I thought I would find some of our favourite, but lesser known, posts about Marketing in Australia and post them here for you all to read. You can read about marketing all you like on websites like B&T, Marketing Mag and Mumbrella, but these blogs are the ones that offer unique and interesting insight outside of the mainstream.

10 ways plumbers can improve their direct mail flyers

This post was in response to a swathe of plumbers that started knocking on our door, not just to offer to unblock our drains, but because they are working in a competitive market, and they want to increase their market share. There are a lot of things people can do to increase the conversion rate of their marketing, not just the usual test, test, test. The main thing Plumbers need to do is try something different from their competitors. There are loads of plumbers out there trying to get their slice of the same pie. The best thing you can do is invent your own pie and fish in a different pond.

Why the media love the Sex Party

Written Bret Treasure over at Free Beer, this is a witty look at Australia’s favourite party.  Talking about cynicism, idealism and boredom in the media, this post hits the nail on the head over the political process, in the media, in Australia, especially in the lead up to an election.

More Healthy advertising Needed for McDonalds?

An interesting look at the marketing of McDonalds. McDonald’s has recently taken up a lot of space at Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney. The playground is part of the new McDonald’s campaign ‘inner child’. The Defectors Blog is a good one to browse when you are feeling low. With their aim to “REVOLUTIONISE MARKETING and change the way we interact with the new empowered and “connected consumer,”” how can you not want to read what they are thinking?

Foursquare in Sydney Australia

Some interesting test ran by Social Media News into the popularity of Foursquare amongst users in Sydney at several locations in Sydney. They found that whilst foursquare is still relatively absent from the majority of the population in Sydney, Its clear Foursquare is getting high usage from Media professionals and business workers.

Applying the Four P’s of Marketing to AdWords

A great post by Reload Media on why you should get back to basics with your adwords campaign. Using the example of an Acoustic Guitar sale, they show how you can cover the four P’s in Google Adwords. They claim that the trick with Search Marketing is to create ads that possess an even balance of creativity and detail about the advertised product/service.

Is it Direct Mail or Junk Mail? Analysis of an inner city mailbox

It seems Chris Maloney is a spirit brother of ours, because his views on Junk Mail could have come from this blog in itself. As we have posted before, what is the point of posting something that is just going to go bin-bound. Over a preiod of one month, Chris received 25% of it was addressed to people who no longer live here and 50% of the mail received was unaddressed. Teh most painful thing about this waste of money is that it takes only a few more minutes of thought and only a small percentage more in costs to make this marketing work! We are with you Chris!

Are Facebook Ads the most effective advertising there is?

Echoing one of our own posts on the use of social media in marketing, Charlie and Business2 looks at a case study of Facebook marketing and how it worked for him. Claiming that is already breaking even on this advertising stream, Charlie showed how Facebook marketing can be targetted and very cost effective. Another great tit bit is that Facebook is not just for kids, as there are more people using it over 40 than under 20.

Zooba – Making Sense out of Business – Edible Blooms

Founded by Kelly Baker, in 2005, Edible Blooms has become a leading online gift retailer through its range of “bouquets” of gourmet chocolates, home-baked cookies, fresh fruit and even “beer cakes” instead of traditional flowers.

SEO Sydney Blog – Client roles in SEO success

The success (or failure) of a SEO project is very often entirely attributed to the SEO consultant or agency, however the client itself has a critical role to play in the outcome of a SEO project.

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